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Covers the building & contents against loss or damage by fire, lightening , earthquake, storm tempest or floods. May also include riots, strikes ,vandalism and malicious damage costs of theft or attempted theft such as breaking of doors and windows are also covered. To cushion your misfortunes, the insurance may pay for cost of debris removal as well as fire brigade charges if you had to call them to put out a fire. In addition it will pay for your out-of-budget expenses such as council approval fees in case they need to draw another plan to reconstruct your premises. It will also provide some contribution towards finding alternative accommodation as the reconstruction takes place. In case you had rented out the building, the insurance cover compensates for loss of rental income. Domestic cover Insurance Cover will protect against loss of your furniture and furnishings in

case of theft, fire, theft, vandalism, malicious damage, lightening, earthquake, storm, floods, riots and even strikes A good fire cover will compensate fire brigade charges, debris removal, guests and domestic servants affected as well as trauma counseling for residents affected. Workers compensation Taking a domestic cover usually includes compensation for one worker in case of injury or death at thee work premises. According to the worker Injury Benefits Act, if a worker is injured or dies at the work premises, they should be compensated with an eight year salary. Contact us with the details of your Property and the value of the contents Today to secure them.

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