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Our pension plan is a registered pension scheme as per the requirements of the Retirement Benefit Act (Kenya). That is governed by The Retirement Benefit Authority (R.B.A)

This is a savings plan during active working life time, worldly used as vehicle to save for the future retirement income.

This is a Pension Scheme for both Individuals and Corporate entities. It has been tailored to suit the current market needs in Kenya.

Key Benefits

- Savings earns interest daily on contribution and transfer amounts

- No penalties on withdrawals - No penalties on failure to contribute

- On withdrawal payments are done within 14 working days.

- Guaranteed interest of 8% or more per Year.

- Benefit Portability. The benefit is not affected by changes in Employment status; you can therefore transfer your accrued retirement benefits in other Pension scheme to Our Pension Scheme each time You leave a Particular employer.

- Through our Pension Scheme You are presented with an opportunity to share in our range of investment portfolio that is structured to optimize Investment returns.

- Collateral for Mortgage. The Pension scheme is able to provide a guarantee for your mortgage, in accordance to R.B.A regulations,up to a maximum of 60% of your accumulated benefit.

- Tax benefits on your savings

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We are customer focused provider of relevant and affordable Insurance Products, suitable to each Individual and Corporate needs. Our highly motivated teams and efficient process ensures accessibility of our products while continually growing our market share and shareholders and stakeholder value.

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